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3 tips on How to Get Reliable Dedicated Server Web

Date Added: August 31, 2009 02:52:20 PM
Category: Internet: Web Hosting

The switch from a regular shared web hosting server to a dedicated server web hosting requires a lot of thinking and analysis. There are lots of factors to be considered before making such switch as it requires a lot of investment and an understanding of the whole idea of dedicated web hosting servers.

Cost effectiveness and performance

If you are planning to go for a dedicated or managed server for your business website, you must know that owning or gaining the rights of an independent server involves significant investments. Providing one whole server to a single client is always not profitable for the providers and this in turn increases the relative cost to the client.

Cost also depends on the bandwidth, the space and other additional features that come along with the server including the specification and the environment on which the server is hosted. All these factors decide the price of dedicated server web hosting.

The performance of the server also is one important aspect to think of. Imagine your website is experiencing heavy traffic and suddenly your server starts slowing down due to the load. This is something you wouldn’t like to happen after paying so much money. Therefore you must know every detail of the server you are investing in and be double sure that nothing would go wrong.

Network stability and flexibility

The most important hardware component for internet host servers is the Network Interface Card (NIC). You must need to know how many NICs your server has and what bandwidth did your host provide. Most of the cheap hosts provide dedicated server web hosting service which do not contain hardware that can meet the client’s requirements.

They either have cheap hardware installed or those which are not capable of supporting the expected bandwidth.

Further, dedicated server web hosting provides you the ability to use the server at your own will and you enjoy the power to make your own choices. Your website might require certain specific programs or environment to run on or there may be some plug-ins required for installation. Shared web servers typically slow down due to these applications or sometimes do not allow such installations.

So you must make sure that the dedicated server web hosting provides you specific root access for plug-ins or application installation and the flexibility of using your server as you wish.

Data protection and adequate support

Another most important factor taken into consideration while purchasing dedicated servers is adequate data security. If you have sensitive and confidential information about your business on your website, then dedicated server web hosting is the best option. Such companies provide an option of a hardware firewall which is an added advantage, but comes with an extra cost.

With a dedicated server in hand, you must also have adequate support to help you in times of outages and other issues. If there is a connectivity problem or a hardware issue, the companies must have a dedicated support system in place to help their clients. This is one of the points which must be kept in mind while entering into a contract with any company.

Therefore, before going for dedicated server web hosting, analyze and verify your needs on the grounds of features such as performance, stability and security provided by the company and then take an informed decision.


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