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Date Added: July 13, 2012 04:53:36 PM
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Top Headlines are. The divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes made news this week. Principal item in view was Katie filing for sole custody of Suri Cruise, their young daughter and her potential estrangement from Scientology, the belief system Tom Cruise famously espouses. At issue for many star-watchers was the indoctrination of Suri to Scientology at such a young age and its questionable results.


California, Holme’s filing state, does not allow religious bias in legal proceedings. Kate Holmes’ father is a famous divorce lawyer and she had secret cellphones and living arrangements leading up to the announcement she was filing for divorce. Holmes’ film career was not enhanced during her marriage to Cruise, which is one reason given for the divorce action.


Holmes evidently notified Cruise by telephone while he was working on a film in Iceland. Reports say Tom Cruise, 50, took the call and then filmed a stunt scene for the film. Cruise famously notified his previous wife Nicole Kidman, of his intention to divorce by fax. This make three divorces for Cruise. His first wife, Mimi Rogers, was much closer to him in age. Rogers, 56, was married to Cruise for ten years.


In Las Vegas, two chimpanzees escaped from a private residence and tormented civilians there. Las Vegas civilians were briefly in danger while chimpanzees went on a rampage. The incident resulted in law enforcement shooting one chimp and tranquilizing another. Citations were made for the owners, who had the proper permits but nevertheless allowed the chimps to escape and cause damage to the property of others and cause a public scare.


 In financial markets, major trading houses like JP MorganChase and British firm Lloyds are bouncing back from major scandals. The missteps of the top tier bankers had both public and legislators critical of the operational mistakes in the billions of dollars. Trading losses in the billions arrest profit for the global banker and augurs ill for the future.


The European Union continues to heals its economic wounds as Spain wrests funds from the European Committee for a bailout. Following the funding of Ireland and Greece, this rescue has free trade watchers from North America up in arms. But addressing concessions requests by currently defaulting countries could affect future bailouts to other European countries.


The Penn State sex scandal of Coach Jerry Sandusky and his trail of abused young men continues. The skein of shamed secrecy and a coterie of upper statesmen of the Penn State athletic program is still unwinding. Tearful witness testimony from sealed court procedures evinced sentences on Sandusky, who still is battling his “innocence". Now it is alleged senior officials lied at trial to the Grand Jury. Lack of oversight is the charge.


A major report was released concerning the Penn State victimization of Coach Sandusky’s victims towards officials who did not prevent Jerry Sandusky over fifteen years. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s comments cites a “culture of secrecy" at Penn State that kept individuals in the athletic program covering up for the molesters abuses. And more censure has been heaped on the Penn State Board of Trustees. There are plans that a statue of the coach (Sandusky) will be torn down at Penn State.


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