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The importance of the Computer.

The computer has come a long way from the connected hardware workstation originating in the early 1980‘s. The personal computer is one of many intelligent evolutions from the business computer. others are the laptop from the desktop, the mobile smartphone from the cellphone, the multipurpose printer/fax/copy machine from single purpose devices. The speed with which computers work and the ability to work online wirelessly, as well as setup a network and control other devices remains paramount to value. All mark the importance of a computer in both business history and personal lifestyle and popular culture. The focus remains on productivity and future projected plans for product rollouts, increased amplitude and efficiency. Some of the companies that are represented in the computer industry have almost made their mark in flat screen technology, LED and LCD products, home entertainment systems, and Internet integration. A computer may e programmed for gaming, business, education,entertainment, or a combination or hybrid of one or more purposes.


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