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Regional events and news can be categorized and archived by date, proper names and places involved. Native or phonetic spellings can be used when researching these events and geographic entities. Europe, North America, and Asia, for example, have several search-word pseudonyms. Europe is often referred to as The Continent, and North America is often referred to as “the New World.” Asia, to North American or New World educated researchers, means China or Japan, yet to many in Europe this can mean India as well. Important events affecting a geographical entity may be announced in the capital of a state, province, or country.The regional sectioning of individual classes or categories may be by population, geographic boundary, or other attributes, such as the electoral college. Regional divisions may also change due to evolution of the entity, associated processes, or historical events. For example, an entire region of individual athletic teams for a certain country may come into existence due to religious or political upheaval.


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