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The high society of today moves in global points of light, and in metropolitan and rustic dots around the globe. The world of the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, the Jersey Shore, Paris, London and Australia comes to us in various formats. These are reality TV shows and magazine articles, TV news items, blogs and word of mouth. Even newspapers have been hard pressed to keep abreast of the changes in the societal underpinning of current culture around the world. The society that we live in is what drives human beings as a whole What goal we set, what boundaries we travel, what we do with out hopes and fears is a reflection on society as a whole. But the media has mirrored the construct of society and shows us the foibles and weaknesses of how people think about what we are. What do we think of our leaders, our criminals, our institutions and our monuments? Society is a complex issue t wrap ones had around. Opinion, editorial, and commentary as well as essays in current and past media explore thee topics. Many literary novels and projects are in fact commentaries upon society layered and hidden beneath am organized yet fictional structure.


Children Needs

Children have various needs that support healthy physical and emotional health that fosters ongoing psychological well being.

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