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Directory Submission Service

Date Added: September 25, 2008 11:49:46 AM
Category: Internet: Directories

A directory submission service can be a very effective tool in attracting visitors to your site. The more traffic you get, the more product you sell. A good DSS can give you maximum exposure if you choose a good one. There are several things you should know in order to choose a DSS that can improve your traffic.

A DSS improves the link popularity of your site and most of them have access to several hundred to a thousand free web directories. It’s important that they be free, as most people won’t pay for access to a directory. Be sure that those directories are search engine friendly and well indexed. The best ones provide you one way linkbacks. Briefly, if you exchange links with another site it means that you have each voted for the other as a good site. If you have a link on another person’s site that is not reciprocated, it means that someone voted your site as a good one with no other intention in mind. Search engines will rank you higher if you have one way linkbacks.

A good DSS will provide your site permanent one-way links in several highly related categories, increasing both traffic and sales. Most services will let you choose from a list of their directories so that you have a hand in your publicity if you like. The better ones will also provide you with screenshots of the finished listings. They make sure that you have multiple descriptions and titles and vary them to that your natural link profile conforms to search engines’ requirements for high placement.

Quality is always more important than quantity, especially in site submissions. If you have fifty listings for your site about your forex e-book and only twenty are relevant to your product, you’ve wasted time and compromised your search engine placement. A DSS depends on their customers being pleased with their work and the results; they will ensure that your site is listed in all the proper categories.

You also must consider how much time you would have to devote to listing your site yourself. If you submit your site to too many directories all in one day you could very well ruin your site’s natural link profile. A DSS has the manpower and the time to submit your site at a measured pace to insure optimal ratings. Whether you have a brand new site or an older one, you’ll not only get indexed in the major search giants but in specialized directories, too.

Customer service is an important consideration, too. If you’re unhappy with how your site is listed or want it elsewhere, a DSS with a responsive customer service department will actually save you money. The better Directory Submission Services also update their directory lists frequently so that your site is listed only in live directories that get decent traffic.

Lastly, make sure that you don’t pick the cheapest DSS. Be sure to inspect examples of their work, compare their prices to other services remember that quality is often much cheaper than quantity.

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