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Internet Web Directory

Date Added: September 26, 2008 05:51:13 AM
Category: Internet
An internet web directory specializes in offering links to web sites and categorizing those links. It is not a search engine as most people think of one and doesn’t operate by using keywords. Rather, it lists sites by categories and subcategories a bit like a telephone book. Listings are based on the whole of the website instead of the main page or keywords that are mentioned. Since web directories are specialized, a site may only be listed in one or two categories. But instead of being lost among hundreds or thousands of sites returned by a search engine, the site is offered in a category that the searcher actively wants to explore. Other web directories are more general in nature and have a large number of categories. Webmasters can submit their site to these directories and an editor will review it to judge whether it’s appropriate to that particular directory. This is to the submitting site’s advantage, as one would not want a site focused on the economy to be included in a directory that concentrates on crafts. Traffic would grind to a halt and the site would be unproductive in such a listing. This is one reason why internet web directories are becoming a big advantage to website owners. An internet web directory is meant to appeal to a group of people who are searching for specific topics and want to avoid all the irrelevant returns that they receive on the giant search engines. More and more people are using these directories as spam floods the popular search engines and relevant results get fewer and farther between. As internet web directories become more popular, webmasters are taking a closer look at them. Most are very SEO friendly and employ humans who edit and keep watch for broken links and unwanted spam. They also encourage their users to report such things in order to keep the directory running smoothly and to assure their users of productive searches. And while these internet web directories do have advertising to support themselves, there are rarely pop up ads or other annoyances to drive away potential readers and consumers. So why use an internet web directory? Whether you have a very specialized site or one that is a little more general but addresses one main subject, one of these web directories could benefit you much more than being on the first page of one of the mega-monster search engines. The most important benefit is that your traffic will be almost one hundred percent productive; you will get discriminating traffic instead of general browsers who are “window shopping”. There is no use in having a thousand visitors per day if they arrive by misdirection or have no interest in your site. Less traffic can actually produce more revenue or data sharing when that traffic is coming intentionally to your site, specifically to see what you have to offer. As internet web directories become more popular, webmasters would be wise to seriously consider listing their sites on a few of them, even if some tailoring of content is necessary. The resulting productive traffic will be well worth the effort. Copyright © Nonar Internet Web Directory, 2008. All rights reserved
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